Middletown Borough






Hoffer Park
This is a 10+ acre facility located along the Swatara Creek containing an enclosed pavilion, two shelters, Kids Castle, various pieces of playground equipment, lighted basketball courts, lighted tennis courts, lighted sand volleyball court, skateboarding and rollerblading area, picnic tables, charcoal grilles and green space. The enclosed pavilion and shelters can be reserved for family reunions, birthday parties, etc. by calling the Borough Office at 902-3069.

Hoffer Park Reservation Form

Oak Hills Park
This is a 6 acre facility located along Spruce Street in the Oak Hills section of town. This is the site of the Borough's only lighted regulation-size baseball field with an adjoining concession stand. In addition, there are various pieces of playground equipment and a small shelter at the park. There is a basketball court adjacent to the playground area.

Frey Manor Park
This is a 6 acre facility located behind Hoffer Street at its intersection with Frey Avenue. This site is home to two girls' softball fields, a basketball court, a small playground area, and picnic tables.

Colston Park
This is a 1.5 acre facility located on Russell Avenue between S. Wood and Lawrence Streets. This site contains a shelter, basketball court, a small playground, and picnic tables.

Etnoyer's Park (Met-Ed)
This is a 3 acre facility located on S. Wood Street at its intersection with Susquehanna Street. Located at this facility are a little league baseball field, a small playground area, and picnic tables.

Elner Overdeer Park
This is a .5 acre facility located across from the Municipal Building at the intersection of Emaus and Catherine Streets which contains playground equipment and picnic tables.

Susquehanna Street Park
This is a 6 acre facility located along Susquehanna Street. This site is home to 3 baseball fields and a football field.

Welcome to Middletown

Historic Middletown Pennsylvania sits nestled along the Swatara Creek and Susquehanna River.

With its welcoming nature, Middletown is home to charming Victorian manors, quaint restaurants and a community dedicated to preserving its history and small-town values.

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