Middletown Industrial and Commercial Development Authority
Created in 2012, the ICDA is tasked with aiding and facilitatiing the redevelopment of older business areas in the Borough, strengthening the downtown area as a commercial center, working to help attract new business development and expansion in appropriate areas, and encouraging the expansion of existing businesses. Among its current projects are the renovations of the Elks Theater, management and oversight of the downtown revitalization project, and helping the establishment of the new Middletown Business Association (MORE)

Emergency Management Agency
To assure prompt, proper and effective discharge of basic borough responsibilities relating to civil defense and disaster preparedness, operations and recovery, the Middletown Emergency Management Agency is vested with authority and responsibility for emergency management, response and recovery planning within the territorial limits of the Borough of Middletown. (MORE)

Historical Restoration Commission
Created by ordinance, the HRC is charged with custody and control of all ancient public landmarks and other property of historical or antiquarian interest committed to the Borough. The HRC works closely with the non-profit Middletown Area Historical Society. (MORE)

Middletown Volunteer Fire Department
In 2004, the Borough created the Middletown Volunteer Fire Department, with the merger of the Liberty Steam Fire Co., Rescue Hose Co., and Union Hose Co. into a single firefighting entity. While teh fire department operates semi-independently, it is by law an agency of the Borough. The fire chief is an officer of the Borough, and reports directly to the Borough Manager. (MORE)

South Central EMS
Since 2003, the Borough has contracted with South Central EMS, Inc. to provide Advanced and Basic Life Support Services. (MORE)


Fire Department